Extraordinary Results are Typical!  

If you are willing to do the work, we are willing to provide the guidance.  We love to watch the transformation that happens for people.  It's different for everyone.  Who knows, you may find yourself feeling extraordinary one day!



I’ve been a Personal Training Client with Sam and Dynamic Fitness for just over seven years. Within the first two weeks of the pandemic quarantine, Sam reached out to see if I would be interested in continuing my twice-weekly training session online.

Even though I wasn’t sure how well it would translate, I was a quick “YES,” as I already was missing my regular level of exercise. Almost immediately, I started wondering if it might be possible to continue doing my training sessions from home, even when the world “opened up” again.

I am thrilled to be training at home! Not only do I get the two things I NEED from personal training — 1) undivided attention to keep me accountable, and 2) Sam’s expert guidance and coaching to ensure I’m doing each exercise properly — I am now experiencing even greater benefits:

No travel time to/from the gym (saves me an hour and usually translates to my spending MORE time exercising each session than when I was at the gym).

No worries (read: excuses) about bad weather. My home is my gym...rain, snow, sleet, ice or shine!

I use regular household items for my workout. Having minimal equipment in my home, Sam has tailored my workouts to use things I already have (e.g., stairs, chairs, water jugs, etc.) for my workout. I have what I need to exercise anytime!

I’ve been writing down each training circuit I’ve done with him and now do additional workouts following the same routine on my own, which I never did when I was training at the gym.

I can train even when I’m traveling. Typically, I’m away from Colorado for about half the year. With Sam’s online training, I can maintain my workouts no matter where I am in the world!

Bottom line: Training online with Sam gives me the best of both worlds — stability and flexibility; convenience and continuity. In a word: RESULTS!

Thanks to Sam and Diane for continuing to blaze a cutting-edge trail into the future of personal fitness!

Karen Morales


Sam and Diane of Dynamic Fitness have kept us sane during these stay at home times. My husband and I were concerned that we would become certified couch potatoes with the inability to get out to our regular fitness routine with Sam.

We started working out five weeks ago remotely and we are so incredibly happy with the results. Even with somewhat spotty internet connection where we live, our workouts are so incredibly effective.

With the video set up, just with an iPad, we see every exercise we need to do, how to do it and Sam watches and corrects our form or intensity. The workouts are different every time and personalized. We are so excited about this set up and we haven’t missed a session the entire time (no excuses now)!

We don’t need special equipment. Most of the exercises are free weights, balls, stool or stairs and a mat. Sam, Diane and Dynamic Fitness have helped us keep consistency, and social engagement during this difficult time.

Thank you!!!

Michael and Marjorie Garard


Try Online Personal Training!  My appointments with Sam on Facetime have given structure to my week plus incentive to keep up my own workouts.  I had zero equipment.  Between Sam’s ideas and finding things around the house, we came up with some good options.  By continuing my training, I haven’t lost the muscle tone and strength I have worked so hard to get.  Do it!

Jerry Beth Owen