About Us

Our Fitness Philosophy

Some may say that you can’t “specialize” in all aspects of fitness but we beg to differ.  The human body is a miraculous machine designed to work efficiently and painlessly.  As a general rule, we are all born with the same anatomy, designed to perform specific movements and functions for life. 

Of course, individuals with congenital abnormalities, surgical modifications, amputees or people who’ve been altered by a life event will require special consideration.  Anatomical differences may disallow specific movements, but the body can be trained and conditioned to create and maintain muscular balance.

Disease and dysfunction are two prime reasons we experience pain.  Once a disease or medical condition directly related to the pain is identified, we need to look at muscular balance, along with lifestyle deficiencies.  If you find yourself in this position, there is a lot you can do through fitness and diet to help yourself feel better and move through life easier.

What is a lifestyle deficiency?  Basically, these are healthy habits that you are not embracing in your everyday life.  Do you drink enough water?  Are you eating enough protein and carbs to make you feel energized and strong?  Do you eat and drink enough during each day to provide your body with the nutrients it needs to operate?  Do you sleep well at night?  Are you exercising your body to promote circulation, strengthen your heart and keep your metabolism in a healthy zone?

Young, old, overweight, thin, athletic, beginner, healthy or impaired, we all have the ability to train our bodies into what we want them to be.  The biggest factor in the results a person achieves is in direct result to the EFFORT the person puts in. Take Betty Beginner verses Bobby Bodybuilder.  Although they are at opposite ends of the fitness spectrum, the same principals apply:  Proper Exercise and Proper Nutrition!

This is where a trained fitness professional comes into play.  A knowledgeable Personal Trainer will guide each individual to a place of better health and fitness. The core principals of Proper Exercise and Proper Nutrition are personalized to provide optimal results for all.  Follow our program and we guarantee you will get results.*

RPT is the Covid Child of Dynamic Fitness. For the past 7 years Sam and Diane Moy owned and operated a 24/7 Fitness Center in a small town in the Rocky Mountains.  As we all know, COVID 19 changed a lot of things, one of them being the shutdown of the fitness industry.

As the initial weeks went on, it became more apparent how much our clients were dedicated to their Personal Training Sessions and Classes.  Some did absolutely no exercise at all while others tried their best to keep it going.  Their hard work and gains were beginning to slip away.

The lightbulb went on and RPT was born!  Lights, Camera, Action!   We closed the gym and transformed into a Private Training Studio to host our REMOTE FITNESS PROGRAMS.  We’ve combined our knowledge of audio/video and fitness expertise to provide you with a high quality Video Fitness Experience.