Virtual Group Fitness is Fun and Effective!

Virtual Fitness Classes are a great way to achieve higher levels of overall wellness.  Working together in a group creates a "Bubble of Accountability" that is proven to increase your chance of success.  It's a nice feeling to be missed when

you're not in class.  It shows they care about you and your health.

A Great Workout from the comfort of your Home, Office, Deck, Vacation Home

Grab a snack, be hydrated and warmed up then head to your choice location for an effective full body workout.

Live Stream Classes 

Our virtual classes are designed for all levels.  Our philosophy allows us to make any exercise easy or difficult as needed to provide a good workout for everyone.  If you think it’s easy, we’ll show you how to kick it up a notch.  The same goes for an exercise someone might find difficult.  There is always a modification.  The important thing is to keep moving!

Participants will complete a brief survey and are given the opportunity to tell us about their unique needs privately before the class begins. 


HIIT Bootcamp – This class provides a full body workout.  Cardio, strength, flexibility and balance will all come into play as you are challenged with a variety of moves you can do at home.  Timed intervals will be combined with full body balance and strengthening exercises. 

One Class $15.

10 Pack of Classes $100.